"only very few people on this planet can get away with what reijo pami usually does, luckily! minimalism has been taken far too serious, though pami single handed succeeds to change the tooth of time by stretching his arms and demanding a bunch of plastic horses to icebear on contact miced wooden tables all over the planet, resulting in revolutionairy simple sound barks! finland is played by reijo pami, the result of left wing parents and children of the revolution refreshing his loud mind. for maximum confusion on most levels, no treatments, no overdubs, no instruments, no money... cheap tapes, open window, some walking. if your body is an elastic you might wanne use it that way too, the muscles of this finnished headbanger are hearable on this lp, bricks are made ON this record, or do you wanne watch tv on this lp, it's all possible! chocolate monk and lal lal lal were pioneers in publishing his music earlier, and i am sure this will be the spring hit of 2011! hand spray painted and stuck on cover design, all covers are a little different. limited to 200 copies, no reissues." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2011| ULTRA ECZEMA | 18.90

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