"Collection of recordings from numerous international compilations from 2002-2005. This collection is a wide range of sound works from the ultra-minimal whispers of "composition09.01" to the subtle harmonics and musicality of "how things change" to the loud violent distortion of "tempt" (a piece only performed a handful of times for noisy spaces, for example this was one was in attempt to drown out Akufen's set filtering from an adjoining area). Many of these original compilations are out of print or hard to find editions and "untitled" making its debut on CD from its original vinyl appearance. "specification.eleven" and "specification.fourteen" are both part of the continuing collaborative works with Taylor Deupree. This CD serves as a follow up to 2002's Other Materials (3particles)." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| LINE | 13.90

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