"PIROUETTEN was started in September 2003, when Reto Mäder a.k.a. RM74 wanted to visit Ralf Wehowsky a.k.a. RLW in his solid green middle-class garden. On his way to RLW's single-family-house, RM74 became a victim of the german control paranoia, as embodied by a sturdy female Karlsruhe tram-warden. Influenced by the folkloristic stubbornness of present-day control authorities, a sustained penance resulted in mutual musical pieces. Early results of the RM74/RLW collaboration can be found on the "Epitaph For John" CD ("Seeking Perfection - Somewhere Else" on Korm Plastics KP3016), the Wire's website ("Zungenschlitz & Spontane Deflagration" www.thewire.co.uk ) and on the "Fireproof In 8 Parts" CD by RM74 ("Scharlach In Saldo" on Hinterzimmer hint02). PIROUETTEN exploits the authors' long-lasting dedication to the unpure tradition of centurial folkways. The 8 pieces were developed by juxtaposing crude instrumental raw materials under strict electro-acoustic control. They are songs of songs about loyalty to the grey area between music and noise, Lacan and Freud, stubbornness and penance, grey burgundy and Rolf Benz. Recorded March 2004 - May 2006 in Bern/Switzerland and Eggenstein/Germany." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| CROUTON MUSIC | 19.90

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