"Recorded in the height of Robbie Basho's creative career, "Visions of the Country" was originally released in 1978, and has been out of print for nearly 35 years. The album is comprised of technically superb instrumentation (6 & 12 string guitars and piano); majestic compositions; transcendent singing and whistling; and astonishing lyrical, emotional, and spiritual depths that defy description or comparison. It is with a feeling of tremendous honor and joy that we offer this reissue, which we hope will please existing Basho devotees, and create new acolytes, in equal measure. The feeling is akin to re-introducing an endangered species back into its native habitat, for this album is a precious, mighty, and wild thing. We have sought to reissue "Visions" with the highest level of intention & integrity, seeking out analog sources for both the music and the artwork. Artwork is presented in very much the same fashion as the original release with a few minimal changes made to include new information. Paper stock (heavy reverse-board) and pressing weight (140 gram) have been upgraded. New vinyl masters were cut by the excellent John Golden. The original insert is also included in the package, along with a download for high quality mp3's." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| GNOME LIFE | 23.90

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