"Previously unreleased material made by Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine) in studio for an Italian radio programme in 1981. Here they wanted to see a musician's work in progress so it wasn't necessary to have a finished product...it's a fantastic chance to work more freely". So after three days of testing, the eight-track started officially rolling-piano, vocals, hi-hat, a jaw harp-laying down track after track, until the Roman radio guys ended up with 45 min of music, including pieces like "Born Again Cretin", a song about Nelson Mandela, the "Opium War",with garbled "radio-like" vocals, and "Heathens have no Souls", featuring a jaw harp. This is a rare opportunity to see what the great Robert Wyatt is capable of when left to work freely, outside the pressures of the star system and the "moneygoround"." (label info)
in stock | US| 2009| RAI TRADE | 16.90

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