"Roberto Cacciapaglia had already gathered attention for his excellent work at the keyboards on Franco Battiato's legendary second LP Pollution before joining forces with krautrock mastermind Rolf Ulrich Kaiser for the release of his 1975 masterpiece Sonanze. Cacciapaglia self-produced the album in Milan for the Cosmic Couriers label, and it certainly brings echoes of some cosmiche kraut experiments like those of Popol Vuh, Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream, yet retaining a unique personality of its own. Actually it's the feel given by Cacciapaglia's mixture of classical sense compositions with adventurous experimentalism what makes the sound of Sonanze so unique." (label info) Limited edition of 500 copies, with insert.
soon in stock - please pre-order | ES| 2011| WAH WAH RECORDS | 21.90

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