"Recorded in Suffolk, Co. Durham, St. Lucia & Jamaica 2007-2009. Edited, compiled and mastered @ Haswell Studio, Suffolk. WARNING: Extreme Dynamic Levels. Listeners experience may change during playback! Russell Haswell returns with a complete departure from his real-time computer generated improvisations ('Live Salvage' & 'Second Live Salvage'). Wild tracks is a collection of 'deliberate recordings' made with other multi media-film projects in mind. These recordings do not contain any overdubs or compression, and document a wide variety of audio experiences. Taking you to a blowhole in Jamaica, inside an ant colony and to the entrance of wasp nest in Suffolk, on a helicopter ride in St. Lucia, two waterfalls in County Durham, as well as the sound of freshly fallen snow, flies being electrocuted and contributions from various military tactical airlift planes, air defence fighters and attack helicopters. The recordings on Wild tracks were realised using a variety of techniques including using hydro-phones to record falling snow, recording gamekeepers many fields away with a parabolic dish, as well as binaural, 'near-field' & 'direct'." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | AT| 2009| EDITIONS MEGO | 15.90

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