"A haunting lullaby that needs little introduction. Previously obscured beneath gruff narration within the grooves on a collectible patchwork vinyl audiobook of the film, this musical highpoint of Walter Schuman's The Night Of The Hunter score finds a dedicated and undisturbed home as part of the Finders Kreepers catalog (amongst its distant doppelganger O Willow Waly lullaby found on our previous theme to The Innocents). Originally sung by the five-year-old actress Sally Jane Bruce but stylistically overdubbed by teenage actress Betty Benson (reverse echoing similar vocal dubbing tales from The Wicker Man's production log) the high pitched fragility of this immaculate piece of haunting cinematic song has left an indelible sonic memory in the minds of discerning thriller fans which remain synonymous with recycled Sunday afternoon television schedules and the spooked-out aerial shots of composite rabbits, toad and Lotte Reinigner like scenery. This lament of the two riverboat runaways fleeing from the house where the submerged dead body of their murdered mother sways in the reeds still stands up as one of the most haunting and painstakingly pensive pieces of lyrical film music and has since provided direct influence on adaptations and interpolation by Stella Vander (Magma) members of Stereolab, Goldfrapp and Jane Weaver while the film itself (with its roots in purported factual events) continues to inspire the likes of David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch and Rob Zombie." (label info) includes download code
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2013| FINDERS KEEPERS | 11.90

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