You can trace the man back on the Jungle Brothers' album JBeez Wit Da Remedy (Warner Bros., 1994), on which he rhymes at 180 beats per minute, perfect match as Torture came to the attention of WordSound through producer Bill " the Bass" Laswell In some old school vein, and totally out of the commercial system, the man plays all his sounds live (no samples allowed!). Still wowing heads with his blunted, poetry-in-motion sickness, he released two singles for the popular indie rock label Matador ("Party Jumpin" and "Beats, Rhymes & Styles") + an album for Mike Patton's Ipecac label, Get on My Page, additional to his long term links with WordSound. he story now continues.... (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2005| QUATERMASS | 14.80

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