"There are collaborations that go far beyond the sum of the individual parts involved. Partnership expand the corners of the musician involved and transforms the sound. That's the case of the collaboration between Sewer Election and Frederikke Hoffmeier, if Dan Johansonn has clearly demonstrated in his recent work as Sewer Election his passion and skills for tapes and field recordings manipulations, Frederikke as Puce Mary has instead created a perfect blend of voice, sung and recorded, and minimal electronic. This collaboration, only the first of a series, has as its backbone a short poem written by Frederikke herself "den blege grĺ tone" which, recited, from time to time is manipulated and transformed through different tape recorders and reel to reel, all enriched by inserts of concrete music, minimal synth touches and dirty field recordings. A disc which has its feet firmly planted in the north european contemporay experimental scene, but has at the same time a wide-ranging breath, diving and touching perfectly what was the avanguard from mid-century and the early reel to reel/voice experiments." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | SE| 2014| SECOND SLEEP | 19.90

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