"For their fifth release (and first on Annihaya Records), Shalabi Effect have crafted Feign to Delight Gaiety of Gods, which isn't exactly free improvistion, or psychedelic music, or rock. It's a sort of surrealist assemblage, much like it's track titles. A chance meeting on a mixer between a conversation about "inhaled backwards funk" and a hallucinatory musical sequence. Rough around the edges but liquid in it's progression, the album is populated by the most offbeat of characters and the most unlikely of instrumental syntheses. Between a sonic psychedelic fiction set in outer space and a haunting eulogy, this simultaneously ill-tempered, euphoric, and downcast double-album features some of the band's most elaborate experimentations with Middle Eastern modes and traditions." (label info) Will Eizlini (percussion, violin, keyboards, samples), John Heward (drums, voice), Anthony von Seck (electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards), Osama Shalabi aka Peggy Lipton (electric guitar, oud, keyboards), Alexandre St-Onge (electric and acoustic bass, keyboards, voice) + guests: Jason Sharp, Josh Zubot, Philemon Girouard, Elizabeth Anka Vajagic, Patrick Conan. Edition of 500 copies
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2012| ANNIHAYA RECORDS | 21.90

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