"In January 2013 we will rerelease Artificial Horizon, a track from the early 80's by the obscure English band Shoc Corridor. The music of Shoc Corridor is like a brooding, progressive lullaby. On their first 'Experiments in Incest' album and with their original line-up, they created dark, sound-based short stories, focusing heavily on mood and texture. From this debut album we lifted the instrumental 'Artificial Horizon', simply because it has not lost any of its original, otherworldly power. For a long time now, we at Testtoon have been convinced that this track needed a 12-inch release and so here it is, in all its rhythmic and engaging glory. Remix duties are performed by the inimitable Mordant Music who takes the track into his own unique universe, delivering a bubbling, industrial and spacious rework whilst touching upon Dubstep and the rougher end of modern-day Techno music. The Belgian experimental House music band Bepotel takes 'Artificial Horizon' into nu-House territory, syncopating the original into a staccato and extremely appealing, although deceiving, dancefloor burner. Testtoon artist Oubys delivers a driving, modern Techno remix, heavily based on the original, channeling his trademark free-spirited approach through a range of short-cut percussive sounds and Ambient atmospheres." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2013| TESTTOON RECORDS | 8.90

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