"Continuing his experiments combining elements of drone and modern classical music, Tehran based composer Siavash Amini`s 4th solo LP "TAR" explores the fragile tensions between an individual and a collective subconscious. TAR is an inquiry of how fears and hopes of an individual can be related to a broader state of mind shared collectively. Making its starting point the expression of these feelings in dreams and nightmares of each individual, and translating the images, feelings and textures into sound. After a series of noisier and less melodic albums, this release catches the active listener with a subtle tension created by oscillating sounds somewhere between discomfort and transcendence. Even if some parts of TAR are quite disturbing, the record gets never simply dark. There is a much more sophisticated attitude that deludes us into a deeper act of listening and provokes maybe even some new synapse formations." (label info)
in stock | CH| 2017| HALLOW GROUND | 13.90

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