"In 2009 Simon Whetham was commissioned by painter Kathryn Thomas to compose a surround sound composition and installation to accompany her Darkspace project, a series of paintings inspired by the infinity of the cosmos, which was exhibited as part of her biggest solo exhibition to date, "Lightyears". The composition was also mixed down to a stereo version, mastered by Scanner, and released on Traceable Echoes, to be available to visitors of the exhibition. Many other artists heard the work and gave praise to this departure from Simon's work up until that point, as for the first time he had composed with much more musical elements, and an idea emerged. Simon was already planning his own reworking of the raw materials of Lightyears', as he felt the brief was very restrictive, and wanted to hear the results of using the same material without these constraints. He also offered the opportunity to all artists who responded positively to the work to produce their own characteristic interpretation of the composition. Here are the results; a common thread is evident, but very individual voices are heard, leading you on an immersive engaging journey..." (label info) Feat. Fourm, Richard Lainhart, Philippe Petit, Mise_en_scene, Maile Colbert, Scanner, Christopher McFall, David Wells, Iris Garrelfs, Yann Novak, Lawrence English, John Kannenberg.
in stock | RU| 2011| MONOCHROME VISION | 18.90

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