another repress in black vinyl "Here's a single with two new (previously unreleased!) SMASH hits from the SLEAFORD MODS, alias Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn from Nottingham/UK, who stunned the world earlier this year (2013) with their "Austerity Dogs" LP! Rants and raps paired with sparse drum-beats and bass-sounds. As references to their sound, you may cite names like the LAST POETS(!), Gil Scott-Heron or John Cooper Clarke, as well as the SEX PISTOLS, CRASS, THE FALL, or early THE STREETS/Mike Skinner... All of that, and then again now for something completely different. Not to forget their savage poetic knocks (against the music-scene and industry, and all that consumerish crap of today. Kill 'em all!). "Agit-Punk-Rap'n'Rant" maybe? Punk (as fuck) made with the means of Hip-Hop." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| X-MIST | 6.90

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