inner sleeve with seam splits (vg) "While listening to Sleep Over, the brain in humans and other mammals experience periodic intervals of dreaming, hallucinations, and other murky forms of brain activity. Forever, the debut LP from Austin-based Stefanie Franciotti, is a record of pastoral psychedelia, swirling texture, and unforgettable vocal strains, combining both synth landscapes and pop architecture to create an unfolding sense of yearning. Her voice weaves in and out of brethren synth and guitar timbres, unfolding over time outlined by minimal drum machine pulse, creating tape-saturated pop gems an d ominous moments of synth shimmer that recall both dream pop and industrial urgency. Her synth work tends towards the warbly atmospheres and the songs have a dusty arc, with stark melodies that recall the spacious melancholia of Julee Cruise." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| m-/m-| HIPPOS IN TANKS | 15.00

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