"Solenoid is easily Portland's most established producer, real-life Library worker, key supporter of the Cascadian dance and experimental music scenes in Portland for 15+ years, and dare I say local guru. He has released music from ORAC, OMCO, Device, audraglint, Emanate, Hiao Hiao Hiao, and more; his vocabulary is instantly recognizable - orchestras of vibrato analogue synths, 303 lines that do backflips, floppy electro drums with a live swinging feel and massive, dramatic baroque compositional trajectories. "Night Beach" is an encyclopedic mind taking on the history of ornate electro-techno. Effusive synthesized timbales clash with horn-section-like stabs and spinning basslines. The track culminates in a trick breakdown for electro fans before proceeding into further madness. "Sam Clam's Disco" is possibly Solenoid's most restrained track to date, reigning his sound for a more uptight feel and chugging but sleek techno form." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| COMMUNITY LIBRARY | 8.50

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