"Acid House has proven itself to be resilient to the tides of trendiness. It's a fixed point of reference in the constantly-evolving spaces of underground dance music. Solenoid (aka David Chandler) offers this sly innovation to the genre: transforming the classic squelch of the TB-303 Bassline generator - the iconic little silver monster that birthed the genre - into a squirming, animalian, almost human-like electronic voice. The experiment originates in a scrapped circuit, found in an abandoned rack of vintage audio electronics. Having successfully revived it (but repackaged into a cigar box, with acorns for knobs!), Solenoid discovered that its filtering effect was strangely well-suited to mutation of the Acid sound. "Talking acid" was born and is offered to you here as two razor-sharp acid mixes on real 7" wax. Solenoid is one of the unsung heroes of underground dance music. Emerging with underground tapes and vinyl during the early 1990s, he has outlasted many of his peers, by maintaining a steady, but resolutely underground presence. His raw, jazzy, and often sharply humorous sound embodies the spirit of DIY electronics, dramatic futurism and science fiction expressed as an experimental mixture of electro, techno, house, and noise." (label info)
in stock | US| 2014| COMMUNITY LIBRARY | 6.90

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