"Spoek Mathambo makes the Afro-futurists look old school. With the arrival of his second album, Father Creeper, he's one man building up an army to make his creative visions a reality, rewriting any artistic laws in his way. Johannesburg's Spoek Mathambo (real name: Nthato Mokgata) first hotwired our world with a series of collaborative projects-Sweat X, Playdoe-that placed his smart, dirty vocals on top of electro-rap bangers that activated dancefloors across the globe. Things went darker and deeper with his 2010 debut album, Mshini Wam ("bring me my machine"), a record which took Spoek's love affair with South African culture and his coined "township tech" as a starting point." (label info)
in stock | US| 2012| SUB POP | 19.90

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