"Soul Jazz Records are re-releasing this rarest release of deep heavyweight jazz by Steve Reid and The Master Brotherhood, entitled 'Odyssey of the Oblong Square' available for the first-time since its original release over thirty years ago on Steve Reid's own Mustevic Sound record label (where it came out in an edition of 1000 copies) and has been a serious collectors album ever since. There is also a one-off limited-edition vinyl, which, like the original, is limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Steve Reid is now known worldwide for his radical collaborations with Kieren Hebden on Domino Records. 'Nova', 'Rhythmatism' and 'Odyssey of the Oblong Square" are his amazing first albums recorded in the early 1970s - all now serious collector's albums! Steve Reid is steeped in musical history and a true pioneer of US deep left-field jazz. He played in Sun Ra's Arkestra, was a Motown session drummer and backed James Brown at the Apollo! He was a Black Panther, imprisoned during the Vietnam war as a conscientious objector and lived in Africa in the early 1970s. The CD comes in new Soul Jazz box design." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2009| UNIVERSAL SOUND | 19.90

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