STRATEGY - WORLD HOUSE (12" - USED vg++/vg+)

"Strategy brings us two slamming deep-dub-house-punk-disco-Fourth-World jams. Jon Hassel meets King Tubby meets DFA uptown in Chicago circa 1987 with that feisty "Cascadian Magic." Experimental dance/dub music for those who like it messy. "World House" is a whirlwind of tabla, guitar, bass and house claps with an electric piano lead whereas "I Have To Do This Thing" is nearly a Detroit House tribute - complete with sentimental pads, a heavy vibe, a solidly lower tempo, an ominous bassline, all mixed with experimental generative percussion patches. These are summer jams for hard times. Strategy, aka Paul Dickow, is a Portland, Oregon based producer and musician who has recorded a wide range of styles for labels such as kranky, ORAC, audraglint, Audio Dregs and more." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| vg++/vg+| COMMUNITY LIBRARY | 5.00

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