"The main approach by Swiss artist Christoph Hess aka Strotter Inst. is over the last 20 years the use of turntables as an instrument. But Strotter Inst. is not a DJ. Grooves are usually never used and if so they are physically treatet, cut and scotched. The turntable itself and the headshell generate the sound. Sometimes prepared grooves from dubplates are used. Which is mainly for remixes strotter Inst. is asked for. The last few years Strotter Inst. made more and more remixes. Then Strotter Inst. wanted to go deeper in the concept of remixing. Therefore Strotter Inst. had created the project "Miszellen". Usually, remix means to rearrange and reinterpretate a given track. This doesn't work with the concept of generating sound just out of the turntable. "Imitate" a song would be absurd. So Strotter Inst. is working with the musical structur. Just some of traces and parts of the track are used. The remaining are cut isolated on dubplates. Now the turntable can read these fragments in a nonlinear way. The grooves are treated, just partly touched and used in differnt speed. Typical Strotter Inst. sounds support and confront these elements. For "Miszellen" Strotter Inst. was looking for pieces which may be hidden roots of his sound. He transfigured some industrial classics but also nearly unknown treasures of experimental music. Tracks/songs which Strotter Inst. likes, got impressed, touched in heart, had influence for his preferences. The original material was treated by the Strotter Inst. way of remix-process." (label info) Gatefold cover with heavy recycled cardboard, 2x180 grams white vinyl
in stock | CH| 2017| HALLOW GROUND | 24.90

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