"This is number three in Blast First Petite's year-long series of limited edition 10" vinyl EPs celebrating Alan Vega's 70th birthday. Primal Scream get all glam-rocked up for this bouncing sing-a-long led by Bobby "Stardust" Gillespie with the stealth viciousness of Miss Kittin. 3:33, the sign of the beast halved, the song freshly un-pickled, just like Damien (Omen or Hirst) would have wanted it served. The B-side features a version of Suicide performing "Ghostrider" from a recently-rediscovered demo taping from their legendary first album, partnered with a slinky, Roxy Music-esque rendition of "D.F.C." by Devastations' long tall leader, Conrad Standish. Sleeve by China's Fang Lujin. Limited edition of 3,000." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2008| BLAST FIRST PETITE | 11.90

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