"As far as the history of power electronics goes, few acts have maintained as much interest and activity as Sutcliffe Jügend. The duo of Paul Taylor and Kevin Tompkins has released crucial early recordings on labels as revered as Come Organization and Broken Flag. The group has resumed actions under the Sutcliffe Jügend banner with a return album, This is the Truth last year also on Hospital Productions. While that record pleased fans old and new with the power electronics style SJ helped pioneer, the release of The Fall of Nature brings us a new level destruction using sounds almost unthinkably ambient yet no less disturbing. The Fall of Nature is a epic, grandiose drone piece ­ almost one hour of pure electronics that echoes the masters of the form. The album grows in intensity throughout the recording, making for an unexpected release." (label info) Co-release with Ground Fault.
in stock | US| 2008| HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS | 11.90

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