""Sekunden" is bigger than even the band's die-hard fans could have hoped for. The melodies are catchier, the bass is tighter, the electronics catch the general mood of the tracks even better and the drums, in all their subtlety, are funkier. On tracks like "Ja" or "Belgien", the voice of a long dead cinema icon perfectly sets the mood, "Deer" feels like a long-awaited breeze in the blistering heat, the title track "Sekunden" brings back dreamy memories of the long-gone ambient tradition of the late 70s, "Insects" kindly disturbes the listener with it's delicate mixture of field-recordings, warm synth patterns and almost sequenced piano and "Patinage", in all it's speed and glory, lets all Swod is famous for culminate in an endless loop of beauty. Then the piano fades and all one can do is to start from the beginning. CD plus 2 short films by Steffen Ramlow." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2007| CITY CENTRE OFFICES | 14.80

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