"Lost big D eclectic jazz from the late 80's! Not much info/track titles about it. Seems an unissued studio date who was planned for release but never happened, until now... it features rare appearances by members of Sphere (Vreeland/Dana) who unfortunately released only one fantastic album back then on Strata... and Ron English who also recorded an LP for Strata under his name (but never issued on wax) and played with Lyman Woodard (drummer Leonard King was also part of the Organization), Wendell Harrison and Eddie Russ (to name a few). The most oblique recording I ever heard from Faruq... that was for sure an innovative group who sounds so unique also today... and probably even tomorrow." (label info) Faruq Z. Bey - sax, Ron English - guitar, Keith Vreeland - piano/keyboard, John Dana - acoustic/electric bass, Leonard King - drums. Black vinyl. Limited edition of 200 copies only.
in stock | IT| 2012| SAGITTARIUS A-STAR | 21.90

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