"The master of the magnetic scrolls is back at the boombox with his second Jahtari EP, once again exploring the more rugged corners of the dub universe. On Side A 'Where Is The Time' creates a rhythmical space-time paradoxon straight away, with harmonies that stream right off a dysfunct flux capacitor module. Next up 'Persian Pulse Width' switches the tape heads into heavy current mode, driving a battery of damaged 8-bit-chips into a thermal meltdown. Side B contains two special cuts of older Tapes gems: a 12" extended dub mix of Vernon Maytone's 'Old Pan Sound' that originally came out on a now hard to find 7" on Tape's Selah Wadadda label. And an ultra-heavy, extra-crackling cassette mix of the ghostly 'Pipe Cleaner' with haunting flutes by Diggory Kenrick that recently appeared as limited 7 on Meeuw Muzak. Serious voltage baked on tape here!" (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| JAHTARI | 8.90

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