special offer "Over the course of numerous dates in Italy, Tarentel (a trio on this tour of Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Danny Grody, & Jim Redd) improvised every set they played with often stunning results. This is not your grandfather's Tarentel. Live Edits: Italy/Switzerland is full of pounding tribal drums and walls of mixer feedback, floating guitar trips and walls of noise. This is a whole new world scattered across burned-out pages; a place to hide and get lost in for ages. These pieces are a tug-of-war between beauty and tension. Tarentel rarely sound better than this. This is the second in a series of ongoing 'live' releases from Tarentel, though they are, as the band says, 'live' in the same spirit that Werner Herzog makes 'documentaries.' Limited to 500 copies." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| DIGITALIS | 9.90

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