"Due to continued demand for this title and the fact that the initial pressing of 1.500 copies sold out in less than 6 months, 12k is re-issuing "Northern" in an expanded package with re-mixed and re-mastered audio. Not content to merely order a re-pressing of the same masters on hand at the cd manufacturer, Taylor Deupree set out to create what he calls the "director's cut" of one of the most important cds in his catalog. The idea was to open the now-2-year-old computer files to re-mix and re-master the tracks. Of course over the course of years computers change, formats change, and Deupree found himself faced with missing plug-ins, errored sound files and other oddities that made working with the files difficult. What first seemed like roadblocks turned into a mission to work with what was there and re-do what was not. The result is a "Northern" that will, on the surface, seem quite similar to the original, however listeners will hear new sounds, extended endings, shortened endings and most of all, an overall mix that presents these works with a new clarity and spaciousness. Mastering in the analog domain has given the work a new found sense of delicacy and detail. A heavyweight cardboard wallet with debossed typography on the front cover. Inside are two pockets, one for the CD and one for a 24-page booklet of photography, credits, and lots of white space. All printing, as with the original, is in black and white." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| 12K | 15.90

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