"In Spanish, the word estar means "to be", but there's more to it than that. More specifically, estar refers to where someone is at - physically or mentally - at a specific moment. Simply put, there's nothing permanent about it, which is a big reason why Estara is the perfect title for the second full-length album from Mtendere Mandowa, better known as Los Angeles-based producer Teebs. In truth, the LP takes its name from the house where much of the record was created. Although Teebs visited a handful of beautiful studios in the hills of Los Angeles in the process of creating the album, he ultimately kept coming back to his modest bedroom studio and the same Fruity Loops-based set-up that he's been using for years. So, what exactly has changed on Estara? After all, the new album finds Teebs returning to Flying Lotus' genre-bending Brainfeeder imprint, and the music certainly doesn't represent some kind of sea change in terms of his sound. Estara contains plenty of the breezy melodies, rustling rhythms, gauzy atmospherics, and loose ties to hip-hop that have always been present in Teebs' music, but the LP also finds those elements coming together in a bolder, more cohesive fashion than ever before." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2014| BRAINFEEDER | 23.90

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