"1612 Underture is a 12 chapter sound poem based of the mistreatment and memory of the Pendle Witches who were executed in Lancashire, England, on 20 August 1612. Although the nucleus of the project is based on historical events, The Eccentronric Research Council identify an uncanny relevance to our current political and social climate - perhaps things haven't changed so much in 400 years. The collaborative reactions of Adrian Flanagan, Maxine Peake and Dean Honer take their collective experiences in theatre, music technology, television, pop cultural archiving and radio to reimagine a time and place, baron of authority and religious faith, where the unified working classes and alternative thinkers are mocked and persecuted at the hands of a flawed and paranoid government and monarchy. Stylistically The ERC opt for a vast array of mechanical music machines and synthesised effects to create this conceptual non-populist pop using analogue and acoustic equipment alongside tape manipulation, vocalisations and spoken word, remaining faithful to a pre-digital and unpredictable era taking cues from Mort Garson, Suzanne Ciani, Sorel Hayes, Joe Meek, Daphne Oram, JP Massiera and Delia Derbyshire amongst others. Conceived with the same ambitions and goals of an electronic Smithsonian Folkways record, the 1612 Underture is a concept album that aims to reevaluate and positively recontextualise an important historical and cultural feminine incident, but also hopes to encourage listeners to rethink how they process modern folk and popular music 400 years after the events in the eye of this project's unique subject matter." (label info) recommended
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soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2012| BIRD RECORDS | 25.90

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