"The first Staple Singers LP reissued at last. And exactly as it was released in 1959. This is some of the deepest, most intense music ever recorded. Pops Staples' tremolo guitar may very well be the purest sound ever to hit air. Mavis Staples' probably has the most emotionally pure voice ever recorded. Every song is arresting and marvelous. The arrangements are sparse, featuring just Pops' guitar, simple drums and the voices of the Staples. They arguably were the most influential gospel group of all time. This LP includes classics such as 'Uncloudy Day', 'I Had A Dream' and 'Going Away'. Presented in an old school "tip on" cover, including two inserts (a small frameable press photo and extensive liner notes by Opal Nations with archival photos). Co-released with Yeti Records." (label info)
in stock | US| 2014| MISSISSIPPI RECORDS | 21.90

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