"Thomas Belhom is best in his own element, when he sets the tone of a night, when he switches from loop to beat, from sticks to brushes, from jazzy to gamelanish, when he swings around on his Drehstuhl. Cheval Oblique is Belhom's fifth solo record. All homerecorded basic tracks with sparse studio overdubs. What seems lose and -in a jazz sense- lush improvised is carefully composed. Belhom is one uncomparable musician and Cheval Oblique is a Spaziergang of a record. There are lots of guests. For example the brilliant Pierre Favard laying down a sun-ra-esque organ on Who's Who. There is Volker Zander on bass (Porto Cesareo). There are Cécile Legare and Jérôme de Pascual on trombone and trumpet on Electrolyse. Some very carefully placed field recordings are the only moments on the record, where spoken language appears." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| APPARENT EXTENT | 14.90

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