"French-born (from Mulhouse) artist Toog is a musician, a poet, a blogger and a director. He started his musical career in 1999 when he met the widely venerated scottish singer/songwriter Momus. They went on an extensive tour together, playing almost 150 shows. 2004 Toog released his album "Lou Étendue" on Karaoke Kalk together with italian actress and director Asia Argento. 2008 he shot his first movie, "Prélude au sommein", a wonderful documentary about one of the pioneers of electronic music, Jean-Jaques Perrey. His new album "Goto" is a collection of musical ideas, references, nostalgia and gags. A background noise with coarse exaggerations. Madness and graceful lightness go hand in hand. Whistles and explicit statements try a balancing act between humour and serious contemplation of particular events. A musical diary, reflecting memorable encounters, experiences and oddities." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| KARAOKE KALK | 12.90

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