"Tralala Blip are a group like no other and we couldn't be more chuffed to be issuing their submarine themed debut cassette! Rather than speak to their music, we thought it'd be more fitting to let the members talk about it. After all Outsider Pop, Alternative, Indie, Experimental. These terms mean very little to most of the members of Tralala Blip. Tralala Blip is a collective of differently abled artist who make electronic music. Creatively motivated largely by immediate circumstances, day to day phenomena and relationships while acknowledging influences ranging from Banjo Paterson to Logic System, Eminem to Bruce Haack, the sounds of Tralala Blip traverse some uncommon territory while keeping pop music as a fundamental guiding system." (label info) back in stock
in stock | AU| 2012| A GUIDE TO THE SAINTS | 7.90

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