"Those of you already familiar with Broklyn Beats may be surprised at the subtelty of our latest release. We're confident you'll find Troy Geary's summer EP the solid slab of experimental techno that it is. Troy Geary, better known as DJ Slip, has a deep catalog stretching from his hard techno for labels like Drop Bass and Missile to more tech-house releases for Kanzlerampt and Musicman. Besides these labels, he has manned his own techno label, Creation Rebel and instrumental hip hop label, Stoner Shit. Most recently, he was featured on Techno God Jeff Mills' "Exhibitionist" mix DVD. Regardless of label or style, Troy has always blurred the lines between techno, hip hop and experimental dance music. His Broklyn Beats release pushes the blurs further. Side A features a more mental style incorporating organic elements with abstract drum programming. "Technical Remote Viewer" especially brims with an energy at home in many different DJ mixes. "Iris" is the purest DJ Slip sound here - pure mental... Side two's "Third Stage" is the premium dancefloor track - raw techno with a pinch of hip hop bounce. Meanwhile "Survive" is pure raw techno, throbbing away like an old Underground Resistance track. An old friend and possible mentor to Broklyn Beats, we are happy to switch gears for the summer and offer this special, mental release. Now dance, Goddamnit!!!" (label info)
in stock | USA| 2004| BROKLYN BEATS | 7.90

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