"(Perry was stationed in Panama during his military service back in the early 60's)... My most important army experience was playing with the UNI Trio, the three of us (original members Bill Folwell and Tom Price)getting to know each other and exploring the high free music. It was like paradise; at night we would go to the banks of the canal with palm trees and the stars and the universe around us. that's why we called ourselves the UNI Trio, becouse we were playing universal music, playing out with stars and the universe.... The UNI Trio was a very special group, and a very important part of my development.... I had a later versions of the UNI Trio including one with Tom Price and another with Steve Tintweiss and drummer Randy Kaye. Then i had a UNI Trio with Dave Izenzon and Randy, and that was one of the highest." (Perry Robinson, from the book The Traveller) "Unreleased, rare and only available recording of this beautiful trio. Perry at his best, his clarinet never sounded so warm& hip!" (label info) recorded at Vanguard Studios, NYC on 25th January, 1968. one-sided LP, numbered edition of 99 copies
in stock | IT| 2012| SAGITTARIUS A-STAR | 32.90

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