"Ural Umbo is Reto Mäder (Sum of R, RM74) and Steven Hess (Fessenden, Haptic) electrifying internal music through a broad spectrum of instrumentation. Horns, piano, organ, harmonium, bass guitar, strings, electronics, drums and percussion guide the formation of black, subliminal melodies and slow feedback accompaniments. Each piece consumes the organic and dynamically balanced process that created it. With a nod to 1960s horror movie scoring Mäder and Hess displace sound from the veil of the supernatural and coax it back to our world. Presented in a heavy black-white sleeve with white translucent paper overlay. Photography by Rik Garrett. Edition of 500." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2009| UTECH RECORDS | 16.90

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