"Utabi is a co-worker on top of the mountain in Japanese factory. What Japanese factory made so far is also recogniseable by looking at the tiny bits of x68000. Utabi 5 years ago, used to programme sounds by using x68000. Therefore his basic sound creation is still having lots of infuluence from x68000. Especially what they call FM sound is essential on this CD. Not only that but also his experimentation based on scientific computer programming wiggle one's hips as if it could also make computer itself nicely the most chaotic condition. Seeing how well the peas are filling in the pods also made his computation technique very different from others such as pursuiting complexity of the human nature sounds. Doing all these trival experimentation, we found that it's not just organic, it has capability of being put in a distinguished music genre. Suppose we call it Felectronica, none of you are gonna symphasize. So I better call it just organic. English formal press release will be published from ADAADAT records very soon. Check out their website for more details for all of you living in the UK. They got some great releases already such as Donna Summer vs Ovenaxx." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2005| 19-T | 14.90

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