"The Air Texture Volume Series asks two producers to curate a CD each of material for combined release. Producers are selected from the worlds of ambient, modern composition, avant-garde, and experimental electronic music. As electronic music moves into the rock arena, it's essential to take note and respect the history of experimental electronic music: from Satie's furniture music and La Monte Young's drones to Cage's I Ching compositions and Eno's works first dubbed by him as Ambient. From there and in the tradition of Excursions in Ambience and Pop Ambient, Air Texture looks to catalogue and promote the diverse world of new ambient, experimental, and less beat oriented electronic music, through the musician's perspective." (label info) Feat. Marcus Fischer, Pan American, Marcus Fjellström, Sawako, Simon Scott, Library Tapes, Mokira, Lawrence English, bvdub, Rafael Anton Irissari and many more
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2012| AIR | 16.90

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