V.A. - AZURE (12")

"Azure brings together many of the various concepts of dubstep from 4 very different artists; Komonazmuk, Cardopusher, Lich and Mathhead. You will find aspects of dub, heavy bass, ragga, breaks and riddims that represent many different styles on Azure. Komonazmuk kicks off the 12" with a remix of his blazing dubstep anthem "Love" which was released in 2007 on Terminal Dusk. The "Love" remix is a bit darker and heavier than the original with ghostly atmospheres and edgier bass and hammering drums. Cardopusher drops the next track "Melody Moon Dub" with some ragga vibes and wobbly basses. The infectious synth hook is sure to make those dub heads rock. Lich delivers atmospheric acid and thick, squelchy bass with "The Bahamut". This track also features female vocals and orchestral strings which give the track an erie mystic feel. For the final track we give you Mathhead's "Jambox"; a big track with aggressive bass, deep grooves and heavy rhythms." (label info)
in stock | US| 2009| TERMINAL DUSK | 7.90

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