repress w/ generic cover and sticker "After releasing albums by DJ Nate and DJ Roc, plus an EP by DJ Rashad, Planet Mu are proud to present their first compilation of music from the competitive world of Chicago's "Footwork" scene. Footwork is a hyper-rhythmic, abstract dance music, pitched around 160bpm, that largely consists of a template of cut-up samples and phrases that are twisted into repetitive rhythms and shapes, to offbeat, syncopated drum machine patterns and pumping sub-bass lines. Until now, bar a few low key vinyl 12"s and local mix CDs plus tracks posted on sites like youtube and imeem, Footwork has remained very local to Chicago. Although it is an evolution from the dominant form of house music in Chicago since the mid 90's - 'Juke' or 'Ghetto House' - it is a splinter scene you won't hear on local radio. Instead, the scene is based around competitive dances in vacant warehouses, karate gyms and youtube where you will find DJs providing the soundtrack for a circle of spectators surrounding combatants ("footworkers") battling each other with their legs, using the particular style of high-speed, combat-dancing that Chicago has created in isolation." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2010| PLANET MU | 22.90

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