"DEGEM presents their eleventh CD, "wandlungen unplump", after a certain process of maturation. The title insuates the content, a theme which the curator, Michael Hoeldke has held dear to his heart for some time: new, often young members have been given the opportunity to present their work. The versatility of the contributors is especially delectable, who produce more than "just" electroacoustic music. All are committed to an undogmatic - anything but "plump" (translation: loutish, crude, ungainly, clownish) - change. Michael Hoelde, an advocator of artistic fusion, would have preferred to have at least one piece that contains "beats", a prevalent taboo in electroacoustic music. This was suggested to the contributors, but was not acted on. Despite, or perhaps because of this autonomy, the curator is extremely satisfied with the result. The wonderful appearance of the CD is a Marc Behrens original, whose blueprint has ended up on the cover in a manner of speaking "unfiltered". The collaboration with Till Kniola's "Edition DEGEM", that began with the last CD, has been continued." (label info) comes in digipak with 4 panel fold booklet in german and english
in stock | DE| 2014| EDITION DEGEM | 13.90

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