"In Jamaican music, had never made an album that reflected the influence these sounds were in the Latin American continent in the late 60s and early 70s. We do not know if disinterest, difficulty or particular quality criteria but was an absence that no one had dared to cover so far. This compilation aims to fill that gap, and it does showing in its different variants (ska, rocksteady, early reggae...), as the syncopated rhythms had their representation in a land where musical wealth is very high both in quantity as variety. This included a very diverse range of groups, with musicians who need no introduction as is the case Tono Quirazco or Las Cuatro Monedas (The Four Coins) or minimally known such as John Kingston or Montego Karachi, with artists who devoted his career to ska as Ronnie Montalban, or in which the raids in this genre are the exception, if we talk about Renato e Seus Blue Caps, with their own songs or versions (Carlos Malcolm Charmers, Billy Deal...). But always clear criteria: You enjoy it when you do, set the pace with your body, you move your feet... If so, mission accomplished. Note: on top there's a "ghost" theme for outstanding students in the class." (label info) limited edition of 300 copies
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| QUILOMBO | 18.90

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