"Music from Saharan Cellphones Volume 2 is finally on vinyl! The album draws from material from both of the first two cassettes - from hi-energy Moroccan Raď, desert ishumar guitar, Sonrai rap from Northern Mali, to yet to be named genres like "Tuareg Autotune". Production of the release was an effort in itself, involving tracking down the artists via Facebook, Youtube, and trips back to the Sahel (see previously), followed by a Kickstarter campaign to fund manufacturing costs. The music on the disc was originally collected in Kidal in 2010, tunes circulating on the unofficial "cellphone network" of Bluetooth exchanges and mp3 trades. Since then, many speculated that internet would wash over the desert rendering the peer to peer transfers of cellphone exchanges intil. Instead, a more sinister force of religious of extremists have spelled an end to cellphone music - banning any non-Koranic mp3s on cellphones. Northerners are holding their breath waiting for the sandstorm to pass. Includes extensive liner notes about the artists and tracks." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| SAHEL SOUNDS | 18.90

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