"with Klingons, 100% Man Made Fibre, DC3, Final Program, Dick Tracy, Inter CIty Static, Al Robertson This is the ultimate Anthology of Scottish Minimal Synth based around electronic mastermind Alistair Robertson and all his early 80's solo or band-projects such as The Written Text, DC3, Al Robertson, The Klingons, 100% Man Made Fibre, Inter City Static. Also included are his collaborations and participation with other Scottish musicians and their projects such as Mario D'Agostino and Richie Turnbull and their projects Dick Tracy and Final Program. Glasgow-based Alistair Robertson started producing synth based-music in the late 70's. In 1980 he was running his own tape Label called Synthetic Tapes which released several of his projects under different names such as DC3, The Written Text and The Klingons. At the same time he shortly joined Richie Turnbull's Stirling based Band FInal Program. In late 1980 he got to know Ian Dobson (Those Little Aliens) of the superb Flowmotion Label (previously known as 341 Image) and wrote several articles for Ian's early Flowmotion magazines which also resulted in the release of a solo tape "The Axe gets Axed" in 1981 as well as a collaboration cassette with Ian Dobson under the name Inter City Static. WIth support of Mario D'Agostino who produced music under the name Dick Tracy Roberston produced a second Klingons tape to be released on Synthetic Tapes. The Tape got licensed to David Elliot's (Pump, MFH) famous York House Recordings / YHR-Tape-Label for re-release in 1982 (YHR022) During this time-period (and once more, with assistance of Mario D'Agostino) Alistair began producing solid minimal/synth-Pop-music under the moniker 100% Man Made Fibre; From this 2-year period (late 81 to late 83) just one highly sought after 7"inch called "Green for Go" was officially released on Backshop Records / UK. Meanwhile Alistair produced enough fantastic pieces to fill 3 full lenght LPs which are presented here as part of the 7Lp-Set.After 12 months of planning, going through endless reels of recording, restoring and mastering all those hidden treasures described and listed above have now become a reality and are available as this great exciting and outstanding 7Lp-Box-Set" (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2014| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 99.90

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