"After five years of intense, passionate and sometimes painful work, Die Schachtel (in collaboration with RAI) is proud to announce the release of the long-awaited massive Book+6CDs boxed edition dedicated to some of the most compelling Italian radio works which took part in the prestigious Prix Italia, a world-famous contest established by the RAI (the National Italian broadcasting company) in the early Sixties. Bruno Maderna 'Don Perlimplin' (participant, 1961) - Original edition, previously unreleased. Bruno Maderna 'Ritratto di Erasmo' (Portrait of Erasmus) (commission, 1969) - Original edition, previously unreleased. Bruno Maderna 'Ages' (winner, 1972) - Original edition. Luciano Berio 'Diario immaginario' (Imaginary diary) (winner, 1975); Original work, previously unreleased. Nino Rota 'La notte di un Nevrastenico' (A Neurasthenic's night) (winner, 1959); Original work, previously unreleased. Niccolň Castiglioni 'Attraverso lo specchio' (Through the looking-glass) (winner, 1961); Original work, previously unreleased. Salvatore Sciarrino 'La voce dell'Inferno' (The voice of hell) (participant, 1981); Original work, previously unreleased. Deluxe box, silver-foil design, 400 pp English/Italian book + 6CDs. Edition of 500 copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2012| DIE SCHACHTEL | 79.90

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