"The idea of the Traces series is to unearth from the GRM Archives short, forgotten or ignored pieces of music. This second volume, which gathers works prior to 1976, features the "early" works of four composers who each went on to leave a unique trail in music. In addition to reflecting the extraordinary vitality of the musical experimentation of bygone times, Traces aims to reactivate the audibility to such pieces, some of which have never been released before. Dominique Guiot "L'oiseau de paradis" (1974), Pierre Boeswillwald "Nuisances" (1971), Rodolfo Caesar "Les deux saisons" (1975-1976), Denis Smalley "Pentes" (1974)." (label info) available again
soon in stock - please pre-order | AT| 2013| RECOLLECTION GRM | 16.90

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