"Vähän multaa päälle (trl. Put a Little Dirt On Top) is a compilation vinyl featuring exclusive tracks from bands that reside in Tampere, Finland. It was commissioned by the art exhibition Tampere 5th Triennal as a part of their exhibition catalogue. The amazingly detailed LP covers are done by a fine artist from Tampere, Seela Dahlman. The LP features five artists. Motelli Skronkle is a legendary band that released three albums in the 90's and was founded by theather actors Hannu Raatikainen, Esko Varonen and the late Markku Peltola who also acted in Aki Kaurismäki movie The Man Without The Past. Veli-Petteri Rajanti joined the band already before the first release in 1987. On this compilation we hear the first new material from the band in over ten years. Pekko Käppi is a well known neo-folk artist in Finland and released his latest album "Vuonna 86" a few years back. Ville Leinonen has released a multitude of albums of which three on Fonal Records catalogue. On this compilation we hear a more ambient and experimental track. Death Hawks is a bluesy, noisy rock group that recently put out their debut album in Finland. They've gone the way of Sun City Girls on this compilation track that is a three part psychedelic trip. Tuusanuuskat who released their debut album last year on Fonal has made their most danceable track to date, a 9 minute dance floor tune with experimental flavors added." (label info) limited edition of 250 copies
in stock | FI| 2012| FONAL | 16.90

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