We're glad to announce Viola Klein's release Appreciation Of Unity Fellowship Church New York, rattle and depth in sound, a call for maintaining freedom. Klein's record is rooted in a Brooklyn Cologne collaboration, since she mixed and recorded for the Audio Ministry of Unity Fellowship Church New York. This church lives up to No Oppressive Use Of Scripture, hierarchy is out the window. The founder Carl Bean made the record I Was Born This Way on Motown and Westend, sang with the band Universal Love. As a host Klein welcomed Detroit musicians Aaron Carl and Marcellus Pittman for her Bring Your Ass celebration series, she welcomed Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel and Whodat as Europe premieres. Whodat and Klein have a collaboration on Uzuri recordings. Klein has been playing at The Black Whole Collective and Motor City Wine in Detroit, The Roller Rink in Hanau, Hotnuts in Toronto, The S and Städel in Frankfurt, The Fatigue Empire and Cut! Cut! Cut! for Cosima von Bonin, The Stecken in Cologne.
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soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2014| VIOLA KLEIN | 11.90

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